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Honestly, I did not expect such a topic in a case study. I took some 4-5 minutes to shape my idea. Following are the points on which we discussed:- 1. TVF has some 10Million subscriber on Youtube, and it releases its video on Youtube after a week of its original release on the TVF website. These videos give it a good amount of money to keep the show running 2. The main reason for TVF to move to its own website was to create an ecosystem comparable to Netflix so that people buy a subscription to watch the show. 3. Netflix charges some $9 for subscription, TVF could be planning to launch it’s series exclusively to any of these and can get some part of the subscription. Even a dollar per person can get them close to 10Million dollars 4. The estimated revenue of a Youtube channel with 10 Million subscribers is ~500,000 dollars per year. 5. Apart from these, a major chunk of the production cost is taken care by the sponsor of the show. For example Tiago in Trippling, Kingfisher in Pitchers, etc. So the production cost is next to zero for the episodes 6. TVF is also going for its own website and raising funding to acquire customers and drive them to their website It’s hard to get a $10 subscription, but even a basic subscription or tie-up with some other products can get them a handful of money.