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Following are the steps involved:
a. Get data from various data sources available.
b. Generate research question from data.
c. Identify variables present in data. Also, identify important variables or variables to be analyzed as such.
d. Generate hypothesis.
e. Analyze data using graph data like histogram for example.
f. Fit a model from analyzed data.
g. Accept or reject the hypothesis.
h. Research question answer found.
Anything which keeps on changing is called variable. Variables are of different type and below are the following:
Dependant/Outcome: A variable being affected, for example annual temperature in above example.
Independent/Predictor: A variable affecting the outcome for e.g. deforestation, pollution, and so on in above example
Categorical measurement contains categories i.e. distinct entities. Example of categories of life on earth is plants, animals, and so on.
Binary variables are those in which only two classes exist, like live or dead male or female on or off.
Nominal measurements are there more than two classes. Such categories can be numbers too.