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No. Green and Red in the above calculation do not mean color. It is just a calculated field/measure. After placing this calculation on the Color shelf, the automatic color will be displayed. To change to specific colors, the developer should navigate to Color shelf, click on Edit Colors, and set the desired colors.
When you install Tableau desktop, it creates My Tableau Repository folder in your documents folder. The easiest way to back-up your previous work is to rename the existing “My Tableau Repository” folder and then uninstall or re-install Tableau
Follow the steps below to understand a previously built workbook

- Review the data sources. Edit the data source to see if any filter is used while extracting the data. Check to see if the connection is a live connection or an extract.
- The developer may have renamed the dimensions and measures. Right-click on the dimensions and measures and select Describe getting information on the source columns.
- Fields prefixed with = are calculated fields. Right-click and edit to understand their definition.
- A delta symbol next to the measure pill in the view shows that Table Calculation is implemented. Edit Table Calculation to understand the definition.
- At the bottom of the data, the window looks for Parameters and Sets. You can edit and view the definitions of these elements.
- Right-click on the status bar and select “Unhide” to display the hidden sheets.
- See the symbols of the data source to understand if they are extracts and if using data blending.
- Check the output of the dashboards to see different sheets. See what data elements, objects, sheets are displayed on the dashboard.
- Check for any aliases in the fields.
- Look for the Actions in the dashboard. On the Menu, click on the “Dashboard” and navigate to “Actions”.
- Locate the log files under “My Repository folder”.