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A Tableau application should be tested at multiple levels. The basic principle is to always compare against the source data

- Check it against the original data source. Check the count of rows in Tableau by using the “Number of Records” measure and source table.

- Compare the aggregations in the charts against the database SQL.

- For excel data sources, use excel filters and formulas.

- Export the data out of Tableau, by right-clicking on the chart and selecting view data

How to test a Tableau application?

The size of the workbook depends on the specific requirement. There is no single size. of the dashboard depends on the data, the number of objects, and the functionality of the dashboard.
If the dashboard size is larger than the RAM size of your computer then you can open it on the server which will have more RAM.
- Performance recording feature records performance information on the various events on a dashboard as users interact with the worksheet and visualization.

- This feature can be turned-on on the Tableau desktop and can be turned off once the recording is done.

- This feature records performance information on the various events on a dashboard as users interact with the worksheets and visualization.

- It creates a workbook under \Documents\My Tableau Repository\Logs. The name of this workbook is similar to performance_20160808T084552_11184.tab.

- This workbook can be analyzed for performance metrics.

- To turn-on performance recording, navigate to help on the menu and select.

What is Performance Recording on Tableau desktop?

Some of the ways to improve the performance of a Tableau dashboard

- Use a performance recorder to gain knowledge of the performance of different sheets and actions in a workbook.

- Use extracts, if possible. Extracts are faster than live connections.

- Minimize the number of fields in your workbook. Hide fields that are not required.

- Reduce the number of filters used on a worksheet and dashboard. In Tableau, filters are applied separately and each time a query is sent to the data source. Multiple filters will slow down the application.

- All complex calculations should be performed at the data source level.

- The number of sheets will affect performance. Delete or hide any unused sheets.