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The story uses dashboards and sheets to provide detailed information about a measure or KPI.
Sheets or Dashboards make up a Story. A Story can contain multiple tabs. The story is created like any other sheet by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen
What is Story in Tableau?

Exercise: If you have created different sheets and dashboards using the previous exercises, create a Story by using FilledMap_Color, Db_SalesDashboard, and Sets sheets/Dashboards.
Tableau workbook can be published to the Tableau Server by using Tableau Desktop.

- Open your workbook on Tableau desktop.

- -Navigate to Menu/Server and select Publish Workbook

How will you deploy Tableau workbook on the server?

- It will ask you for the server credentials. On successful login, you will get the options to publish your entire workbook or specific sheets.

- Entire workbook or specific sheets in a workbook can be published.
The above requirement can be fulfilled by creating a User Filter in Tableau Desktop during design.

User Filter will work when Users login to the Tableau Server. To implement User Filter, you should have access to Tableau Server.
To create a User filter, on Tableau Desktop, navigate to Menu-Server. Login to the Server.

Navigate to Menu – Server – Create User Filter using the Segment.

In this way when the User login’s he will see the data only for his segment

In visualization, you have data for all the Segments. In the source data, Users are assigned to specific Segments. The requirement is that the users should see data only for their assigned Segments. What technique should be used to achieve this requirement?

- Create an extract on Tableau desktop and configure it for Full refresh or incremental load.

- Navigate to your sheet and right-click on your data source and select “Publish to Server”

- On Publish Data Source to Tableau Server dialogue, you can set the schedule.

How will you schedule a data extract in Tableau?


- This will publish and set the schedule on the Server.

- This schedule can be modified at any time.
You have installed Tableau desktop personal edition. Personal edition allows you to connect to only excel and text files. All the other data sources are available with the licensed version.