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The candidate would begin by discussing the market dynamics in Brazil as well as globally on which he/she has to base the suggestion. Furthermore, an idea is to be framed up about the cost, market, value, customers, transportation facility, and price if the steel is to be exported. Also, Brazil has some taxes on foreign goods export which would only add up to the price. Since the local market is more profitable than international trade, it is advisable to try out the products first in the local market of Brazil since there is a chance of price war.
A laptop is a costly product. I am assuming that people buy a laptop only when they needed. That's why i am going to calculate the potential market of laptops in India. Total population of Bangalore = 18Mn ~ 20Mn
Let's divide the population on the basis of age 0–18 Yr - 30% of 20 Mn = 6 Mn -> We can neglect this age group because generally, they don't need a personal laptop and when needed, they prefer to use others laptop.
19–22 Yr - 10% of 20 Mn = 2Mn -> 0.6*2 Mn -> 1.2 Mn (This is the college-age group. Most of the college students need a laptop. Assumed 60% of them own a laptop)
22–50 Yr = 40% of 20 Mn = 8 Mn. 22-50 age group is the working class of society. I have divided this class into 3 major categories. White-collar employees (25%)
Blue-collar employees (50%)
Small business owners (25%)
Assumed 80% and 30% people in the category of white-collar employees and Small business owners respectively own a laptop or PC. We can neglect blue-collar employees.
80% white collar own a laptop or PC -> 1.6 Mn
Small business owners own laptops or PC -> 0.6 Mn
50–80 Yr = 20% = 4 Mn -> we can ignore this age group
Total laptop + PC users in Bangalore = 1.2+1.6+.6= 2.4 Mn
Corporate offices/Schools/Computer centers generally have desktop. Lets assume 60% are desktops. Laptops = 40% -> 0.9 Mn
Average life of a laptop = 5 year ( in India ) Number of sold per day in Bangalore = 0.9 Mn/ 365*5 ~ 500 laptops