There are 2 types of arrays available in VBA.
Single Dimensional Array: Single Dimensional array is used more often in the VBA. An array uses only one index. Multi-Dimensional Array: If an array has more than 1 dimension is called Multi-Dimensional Array.
Connection Objects are used to provide a connection between Excel and Databases with the help of ADODB Objects. So, we can interact with the database and can use the SQL queries to fetch the data from the database. ADO stands for, ActiveX Data Objects.
Conditional Formatting is used to format cells/Range based on a condition/Conditions. Ex: Highlighting a cell-based on cell Value
Goal Seek – is used to achieve your goal by changing the dependent value.
Ex: If you have taken a personal loan, and if you can able to pay the EMI of 6K instead of 10K, how many months do you need to close your personal loan?
UDF stands for User Defined Function, and these are custom functions. Using VBA, you can create your own functions and those can be used in Excel worksheets as normal built-in Functions.

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