ADO –ActiveX Data Objects is a data access framework and is useful to get the data from the databases.
ODBC – Open Database Connectivity is useful to get the data from the external database.
OLEDB – Object Linking and Embedding, Database.
Volatile functions recalculate the formula, again and again, so Excel workbook performance will be slow down. Volatile functions recalculate the formulas when any changes happen in the worksheet. Ex: NOW (), RAND ()
Dashboards: Dashboard is a visual display of the data and these are dynamic and live, so data is being updated in real-time and visuals can show changes from minute to minute.
Reports: Reports are not live and we use historical data to make reports. sometimes Reports are included with visuals such as Table, Graphs and Charts, Text, Numbers or anything.
Structured references – Instead of using cell references, we can use an Excel table name or the Column name for reference.

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