Teaching Aptitude - Teaching Aptitude Section 1

Teaching Aptitude is comprised of two words – Teaching and Aptitude.

Many defininitions have beed provided for teaching.

According to Gage  teaching is  personal relationship between the teacher and the taught causing behaviour modification.According to Clarke all those organised activities that may result in modifying the behaviour of the learner is known as teaching.

Aptitude is natural ability to do something.

So teaching aptitude is the natural ability to teach, it involves the study of student teacher realtionship in a controlled environment.

Now a days teaching aptitude has become more important and if one wants to get a teacher appointmnet in any school/college /university. he/she needs to clear teaching aptitude exam. Most common exams askingquestions on teaching aptitude are

  1. B. Ed Entrance Exam Teachers Eligibility Test
  2. UGC NET Exams
  3. Primary Teacher’s Test (PRT)
  4. Trained Graduate Teacher Test (TGT)
  5. Post Graduate Teacher Test (PGT)
  6. Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers Test

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