Mathematical Aptitude - Time and Distance

3. Pankaj starts from home at a speed of 30 km per hour and reaches his school 20 minutes late. Then the next day he increases his speed by 15 km per hour but still gets late by 8 minutes. How far is his school from his home?

  • Option : A
  • Explanation : Let distance be D
    With speed 30km/hr he is 20 minutes late
    With speed 45 km/hr he is 8 minutes late
    ∴ Difference between two time
    = 20 - 8 = 12min = 12/60 hours
    T = D/S
    ∴ D/30 - D/45 = 12/60
    ∴ D = 18km
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4. Mansi covers a distance at a speed of 24 km per hour in 6 minutes. If she wants to cover the same distance in 8 minutes, what should her speed per hour be?

  • Option : A
  • Explanation : Distance is same
    ∴ S1 × T1 = S2 × T2
    ∴ 24 X 6/60 = S2 X 8/60
    To convert minutes to hours, divide minutes by 60
    ∴ S2 = 18 km/hr
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5. A man rows a boat at the speed of 12 km per hour in still water to some upstream point and back to the starting point. The speed of flow of river is 3 km per hour. Find his average speed (in kms) per hour for the total journey.

  • Option : A
  • Explanation : Speed of the man in still water = 12 km/hr
    Speed of the stream = 3 km/hr
    Speed downstream = (12 + 3) = 15 km/hr
    Speed upstream = (12 – 3) = 9 km/hr
    Let the distance travelled be ‘d’ km Then
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