Logical Reasoning - Statement and Conclusion

31. Statement
No man is infallible.
I. All men are fallible.
II. No infallible persons are men.

  • Option : A
  • Explanation : The immediate inference for ‘No man is infallible’ is ‘No infallible (persons) are men’. So conclusion II is right. In logical form, the opposite of infallible may not be fallible. So inference may not apply. So, option (a) is the answer.
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32. Statements
All aeroplanes are trains.
Some trains are chairs.
I. Some aeroplanes are chairs.
II. Some chairs are aeroplanes.
III. Some chairs are trains.
IV. Some trains are aeroplanes.

  • Option : D
  • Explanation : Since the middle term ‘trains’ is not distributed even once in the premises, no definite conclusion fol- lows. However, III is the converse of the second premise, while IV is the converse of the first premise. So, both of them hold.
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