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6. Which of the following statements are mutually contradictory?
I. All flowers are not fragrant.
II. Most flowers are not fragrant.
III. No flowers are fragrant.
IV. Most flowers are fragrant.

  • Option : D
  • Explanation : According to squares of opposition: The logical form of ‘None of the flowers is fragrant’ is ‘No flower is fragrant’ (i.e., E type). It can be converted only to I type, that is statement IV (the logical form of ‘Most flowers are fragrant’ is ‘Some flowers are fragrant’).
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In each of the questions below, two statements are given followed by an inference.

8. Statements
1. Some intelligent people are happy.
2. Some intelligent people are rich.
Some who are rich are happy.

  • Option : D
  • Explanation : There are three terms. Both are I type, even after conversion for alignment purpose, they will be of I type as shown below.
    ‘Some intelligent people are happy’, we get
    Some who are happy are intelligent (I type)—first statement.
    Some intelligent people are rich (I type)—second statement.
    I + I = No inference. So, option (d) is the answer.
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