UGC NET Paper 1 December (Pack of 7) - UGC NET Paper 1 6th December 2019 Morning Shift

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6. Which one of the following is the characteristic feature of an argument?

  • Option : A
  • Explanation :
    Whether it is valid or invalid is the characteristic feature of all arguments which is tested by determining its truth or falsity on the basis of the Fundamental Principle of Argumentation. The principle says:
    An argument is INVALID if and only if it is logically possible for the conclusion to be false even though every premise is assumed to be true. Testing the validity of an argument is a three-step process:
    (i) Each premise as well as the conclusion is symbolized.
    (ii) A truth table with a column for each premise and a column for the conclusion is prepared.
    (iii) If the truth table has a row where the conclusion column is FALSE while every row in the premise column is TRUE, then the argument is INVALID. Otherwise, the argument is VALID.
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7. In which of the following steps of research. the scope for creativity and imagination is utmost?

  • Option : C
  • Explanation :
    Identifying variables and hypothesizing is a creative activity. The area of study may have extraneous variables likely to lead the proposed study astray; so, the researcher has to use their imagination to identify the pertinent variables that could create the hypothesis in the best expression possible; and accordingly, give form and structure to the study they propose to undertake.

    The other steps mentioned do not need creativity.
    • Identifying the research problem and defining it is a rational theoretical step taken by the researcher on the basis of personal interest, choice and capability for research in the specific subject area.
    • Figuring out the related studies and the techniques used by other researchers needs focus and diligence but not creativity.
    • Data analysis and presentation of results is a strictly statistical process requiring no creativity.
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8. A college teacher does research with a view to depict the reality situations relating to home conditions of students and hostels provided for. Which of the following research format will be helpful to do so?

  • Option : C
  • Explanation :
    Participant observation is a qualitative research method in which the researcher not only observes the research participants, but also actively engages in the activities of the research participants.
    The college teacher in this case will be able to effectively depict the reality situations relating to home conditions of students and hostels provided for only by being with them, actively engaging with them in their activities, and simultaneously observing their behaviours.
    Experimental research strictly adheres to a scientific research design. It investigates a hypothesis through experiments in a controlled environment where a variable can be manipulated by the researcher against variables that can be measured, calculated and compared
    Descriptive research describes a situation, subject, behavior, or phenomenon.
    Ethnographic research is the scientific description of a particular human society, its peoples and cultures, with their customs, practices and diversities through participatory, analytical and comparative field studies.
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9. Which of the following is an example of maximum performance test?

  • Option : C
  • Explanation :
    Aptitude test is a maximum performance test.
    Tests are of two major categories:
    I. Maximum Performance Tests which are designed to test the limits of the persons' knowledge and abilities. These are of various kinds.
    (a) Achievment & Aptitude Tests
    • Achievement Tests assess knowledge from previous instruction.
    • Aptitude Tests measure cognitive ability and skills.
    (b) Speed & Power Tests
    • Speed Tests measure the rate of performing a task Power tests measure the difficulty in answering correctly
    (c) Objective & Subjective Tests
    • Objective tests like multiple choice test require exact answers and no subjective judgment. -Subjective tests require subjective judgment and descriptive expression.
    II. Typical Response Tests measure things like personality, behavior, attitudes or interests. These are of two main kinds. Objective & Projective Personality Tests
    • Objective Personality test measures Personality or interest inventory. TRUE/FALSE
    • Projective Personality test ambiguous material Roy-Shock Ink blot test
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10. The length of the side ofa square (5.0cmx5.0cm) is increased by I %. By what percentage (%). the area of the square increases?

  • Option : B
  • Explanation :
    Area of the square = 5 x 5 = 25 cm2
    When length is increases by 1 %.
    Then, length of the square = 5 + (5x1)/100 = 5.05cm
    Area of new square = (5.05) x (5.05) = 25.5025 cm2
    Increase in area = 25.5025 - 25 = 0.5025
    Percentage increase in area = (0.5025/25) x 100 = 2%
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