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18. Which of the following will help overcome communication barriers?

  • Option : A
  • Explanation :
    Lack of good listening skills is a communication barrier. Listening intently or with focus ensures that no message is missed which is crucial to communication process.
    Semantic noise refers to ambiguity in words, sentences or symbols which disturbs the transmission of the message and interferes with the interpretation of the message. It is a communication barrier which must be taken care of and not be neglected.
    Top down command structure (hierarchy) hampers the smooth flow of communication. Information often is filtered as it moves up and down the chain of command, watering down the message or changing the nature of the information.
    Use of cliched idioms is a communication barrier as it makes the audience squirm and shifts focus.
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20. Which of the following will be considered key teaching behaviour belonging to the category of effectiveness?
A. Making ideas clear to learners who may be at different level of understanding
B. Showing enthusiasm and animation through variation in eye contact, voice and gestures
C. Using student ideas by acknowledging and summarizing
D. Probing through general questions and shifting a discussion to some higher thought level
E. Using meaningful verbal praise to get and keep students actively participating in the learning process
Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

  • Option : B
  • Explanation :
    Effective teaching behaviour/skills includes
    - making oneself clear to all learners regardless of their individual differences.
    - using effective non-verbal communication such as enthusiasm and animation through variation in eye contact, voice and gestures to keep students engaged/involved in the learning process.
    - using meaningful verbal phrase to maintain active participation of students.
    On the other hand,
    - acknowledging and summarising students' ideas is not effective in learning; using those to connect/build further ideas is.
    - probing general questions or shifting a discussion to higher thought level defeats the planned learning objectives; teaching must be appropriate for the specific topic as well as the specific class level.
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