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22. A research scholar while submitting his/her thesis did not acknowledge in the preface the help and support of the respondents of questionnaires used. This will be called an instance of

  • Option : C
  • Explanation : The preface of a thesis includes the researcher's experiences during the study and the writing of the report. It also thanks people who have helped with the thesis including the respondents of questionnaires. Not acknowledging the help and support of the respondents is an unethical act, as the report would not have taken shape without their contribution.
    Technical lapse is straying from the standard, accepted norms or formats. Willful negligence is ignoring or not acknowledging something on purpose. Lack of respect is not relevant here.
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25. A university teacher plans to improve the study habits of students in his/her class. Which type of research paradigm will be helpful in this regard?

  • Option : D
  • Explanation : Action research is a methodology of research that seeks transformative change through the process of action, critical reflection and research through the following steps/cycle until the goal is attained.
    • Identify a problem to be studied
    • Collect data on the problem
    • Organize, analyze, and interpret the data
    • Develop a plan to address the problem
    • Implement the plan
    • Evaluate the results of the actions taken
    • Identify a new problem
    • Repeat the process
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