UGC NET Paper 1 December (Pack of 7) - UGC NET PAPER 4th December 2019 Evening Shift

11. Which of the following was not a Millennium Development Goal (MDG)?

  • Option : C
  • Explanation : The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight goals with measurable targets and clear deadlines for improving the lives of the world's poorest people. The eight MDGs are to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, to achieve universal primary education, to promote gender equality and empower women, to reduce child mortality, to improve maternal health, to combat HIV / AIDS, malaria, and other diseases, to ensure environmental sustainability and to develop a global partnership for development. Thus Ensure healthy lives and promote well beings for all at all ages is not mention in eight MDGs.
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12. Which among the following is NOT a component of effective teaching?

  • Option : D
  • Explanation : Questioning to check for the understanding of students keeps the teacher in control of the teaching-learning process; providing students with feedback helps them identify their strengths/weaknesses and respectively instils a sense of achievement in them or motivates them to work harder; and being flexible about how long it takes to learn creates a conducive environment for optimal learning. All this amounts to effective teaching.
    On the other hand, the teacher's reactive mode to students' behaviour or dynamically tailoring the teaching experience to suit students' behaviour strays the planned process which is not a component of effective teaching.
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13. Match the following soil orders with their descriptions

HistosolsSoil order that includes soils formed on volcanic ash
AndisolsSoil order of cold
regions including soils
underlain by permafrost
GelisolsSoil order consisting
of soils of dry climates
AridsolsSoil order consisting
of soils with a thick
upper layer of organic

Choose the correct option from those given below:


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14. Which of the following groups has the components of paralanguage communication?

  • Option : A
  • Explanation : There are 8 different types of non-verbal communication
    (a) Social space
    (h) Time
    (c) Physical characteristics
    (d) Body movements
    (e) Touch
    (f) Paralanguage
    (g) Artifacts
    (h) Environment
    Of these, paralanguage constitutes the following:
    (i) Voice quality, e.g., sweet, soft, musical, cultivated, pleasant, nasty, clear or indistinct, among other things; it reveals a speaker's background, mental state, education, sex and temperament
    (ii) Word stress or optimum emphasis on the right words for right effect
    (iii) Intonation or the modulation of the voice and the shift in stress; e.g., a message with serious content is delivered in a sombre rather than high tone.
    (iv) Pitch or the vocal slant of the voice; it reveals the speaker's frame of mind, e.g., an unusually high pitch may reflect agitation, an unchanging pitch may get monotonous. The pitch also indicates the speaker's social position; e.g., a person in a position of authority uses a higher pitch than a subordinate.
    (v) Pause which is akin to punctuation in prose; it introduces variety, and lays emphasis on a message; used at the wrong place, it may lead to miscommunication.
    (vi) Volume variation of voice to suit the size of the audience; the larger the audience, the louder the voice must be to be audible and effective.
    (vii) Mixed signals which occur when the tone, pitch and facial expressions of the speaker do not match the spoken words, and confuse the listener about the speaker's intent; e.g., praise delivered in a sarcastic tone will amount to ridicule.
    (viii)Overall impression or the speaker's manner, attitude, dressing style, physical appearance, etc., which contribute much to the audience perception.
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15. Which of the following statements is / are correct?
(A) Software is loaded into secondary storage from RAM and is then executed by the CPU.
(B) A search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the WWW.
Choose the correct option:

  • Option : B
  • Explanation : Whenever we save any program into a file, it automatically gets stored in the secondary storage i.e. the hard disk. And when we run program, it is loaded into the main/primary memory of the computer called RAM. The program instructions are executed in the ALU (Arithmetic-Logic Unit) of the CPU. Therefore (a) is not a correct option.
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