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21. The concept of proximal development, related to educational Communication, was developed by

  • Option : C
  • Explanation : Zone of proxirmal development, now called the zone of potential development (ZPD) is a term that Vygotsky used to explain the range of development in learners. He postulated that every individual has two levels of development: a lower level that is attainable under normal circumstances and an upper level attainable under the influence of an adult or capable peer; the difference between these two levels being the ZPD. This postulation manifests Vygotsky's belief in the importance of social influences, especially instruction, on children's cognitive development.
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22. In the linear model of communication, the expected result is

  • Option : D
  • Explanation : Linear model of communication is a one- way communication process which does not include feedback, or the feedback is quite delayed. Since there is no feedback, the level of cognition is unperceivable and the only result expected is semantic accuracy from the encoder/teacher. Psychological disruption and high level of obstruction are not applicable as it is one- way communication; removal of physical noise cannot be ensured as it is teacher- centric and learners are not involved.
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23. B is the only daughter of maternal grandmother of A. How is A related to B?

  • Option : B
  • Explanation : Daughter of maternal grandmother of A means A's mother is B.
    Here, As gender of A is not clear, so we can not find the exact relation.
    Here A can be son/daughter of B.
    But from given options, option (b) is correct.
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24. An informed fallacy in which the conclusion of an argument is stated or assumed in anyone of the premises is known as:
(A) Begging the question
(B) Circular argument
(C) Ignoratio elenchi
(D) Petitio principii
Choose the correct option from the following:

  • Option : A
  • Explanation : When an argument's premises assume the truth of the conclusion, instead of supporting it , a fallacy of begging the question occurs.
    Circular argument is a logical fallacy in which the reasoning begins with what has to be ended with. Ignoratio elenchi is a logical fallacy of apparently refuting an opponent while actually disproving something not asserted. Petitio Principii is a fallacy in which a conclusion is taken for granted in the premises.
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