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12. From the list of learning outcomes indicated below, identity those which are said to be high level outcomes:
(A) Learning of facts and rules
(B) Showing the ability to analyse and synthesize
(C) Awareness, responding and valuing
(D) Imitation, manipulation and precision
(E) Articulation and naturalization
(F) Organization and characterization
Choose correct answer from the options given below:

  • Option : A
  • Explanation : The three levels of learning in ascending order are: memory, understanding and reflective. Memory level: only learning of facts without any thinking involved
    Understanding level: understanding with some thinking
    Reflective level: highest level of thinking involving the ability to analyse and synthesize; articulate and naturalize; organize and characterize, etc.
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13. In the two sets given below, Set I provides levels of teaching while Set II gives their focus of concern.

  • Option : C
  • Explanation : Refer to answer no. 12 above. The levels of teaching match with their focus of concern as follows:

    Set I (Levels of Teaching)Set II (Focus of concern)
    (a) Autonomous development level(ii) Affects and feelings
    (b) Memory level(iii) Recall of facts and information
    (c) Understanding level(iv) Seeing of relationship among facts and their examples
    (d) Reflective level(i) Problem raising an problem solving
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