UGC NET Paper 1 June Shift (Pack of 7) - UGC NET PAPER 1 26th June 2019 Evening Shift

21. Below are given two sets in which Set I describe the types of listener involved in communication, while Set II indicates their characteristics:

Set – I (Types of listener involved in Communication)Set – II (Characteristics)
(a) Non-Listener (i) is engaged in information other than the one need
(b) Marginal Listener (ii) receives information without processing the significance in the context of communication
(c) Evaluative Listener (iii) looks into the relevance of the information for understanding its implication
(d) Active Listener (iv) pays heed to the communicated
information occasionally

Match the two sets and give your answer by choosing from the options:

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25. If DRIVER = 12, GOVERNMENT = 20, BELIEVED = 16, then BAT =?

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