UGC NET Paper 1 June Shift (Pack of 7) - UGC NET PAPER 1 21th June 2019 Morning

17. When subject and predicate of both the premises is same but they differ only in quantity, it is known as:

  • Option : A
  • Explanation : A proposition is a subaltern of another if it must be true in case its superaltern is true, and its superaltern must be false in case the subaltern is false.
    Sub-contrary propositions are those two propositions which can both be true but cannot both be false.
    Two propositions are contrary, if they cannot both be true, but they might both be false. They have same subjects and predicates; and, are different in qualities but have the same universal quantities.
    Two propositions are contradictory, if one of them is a denial of another. They cannot both be true, and cannot both be false. They have same subjects and predicates but are different in quantities (all, some, no) as well as qualities.
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18. In the analog communication, contents are considered to be:

  • Option : B
  • Explanation : Analog communication is one-way continuous signal for which the time-varying feature (variable) of the signal is a representation of some other time varying quantity, i.e., analogous to another time varying signal . Here the contents can be only linear and static not dynamic.
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20. Which of the following are barriers to effective communication?
(1) Physical noise
(2) Semantic noise
(3) Psychological noise
(4) Non-semantic noise
Choose the correct answer from the options given below.

  • Option : B
  • Explanation : Noise in communication is any distraction that keeps a receiver from comprehending a message completely. The four kinds of noise are:
    Physical noise includes environmental noise like that of traffic, music, others' talking/whispering, hearing impairment, etc., or physical condition of illness, intoxication, tiredness, etc.
    Semantic noise includes hindrance to understanding caused by pedantic vocabulary or regional colloquialisms, illegible verbal cues, etc.
    Psychological noise includes overpowering emotions, prejudices, narrow-mindedness and personal bias, etc.
    Physiological noise is a distraction caused by some physiological process like physical and chemical changes caused by hunger, fatigue, headache, medicine effect, etc.
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