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93. Match the items of List (II) with those of List(I) and choose the correct code of combination.

List (I) 
(Credit Rating Agency)
List (II) (Year of Establishment)
(a) CRISIL(i) 1860
(b) Moody’s Investors Service(ii) 1909
(c) Standard and Poor(iii) 1914
(d) Fitch Ratings(iv) 1987

  • Option : C
  • Explanation : Definition: Credit Rating is the symbolic indication of the current opinion regarding the relative capability of a corporate entity to service its debt obligations in time with reference to the instrument being rated.
    First Credit Rating Agency was the Mercantile Credit Rating Agency, established in 1841 in New York. First rating guide was published by Robert Dun in 1859 and another rating agency was set up by John Bradstreet, which is popularly known as Dun & Bradstreet today. Some of the renowned rating agencies are:
    > Standard & Poor’s
    > Moody’s Investor Service
    > Fitch Rating Agency In India
    > CRISIL (Credit Rating and Information Services (India) Limited) - first in India
    > ICRA Limited (Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited)
    > CARE (Credit Analysis and Research Limited)
    Credit Rating AgencyYear of establishment
    (a) Standard & Poor’s1860
    (b) Moody’s Investor Service1909
    (c) Fitch Rating Agency1914
    (d) CRISIL1987
    (e) ICRA1991
    (f) ONICRA1993
    (g) CARE1993
    (h) CIBIL2000
    (i) SMERA2005
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