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21. Which of the following information systems at the management level of an organization serves the functions of planning, controlling and decision making by providing routine summary and exception reports?

  • Option : C
  • Explanation : An org anodization n has various types of an information system at various organizational levels:
    (i) ESS i.e. Executive Support System: It helps in making a decision at the strategic level through advanced graphics and communication.
    (ii) MIS i.e., Management Information System: These are the information system at the management level of an organization that serve the functions of planning, controlling and decision making by providing a routine summary and exception reports.
    (iii) DSS i.e. Decision Support System: This information system is at the organizational management level that combines data and analyzing report to support the decision.
    (iv) TPS i.e. Transaction Processing System: These information systems serve at the operational level. They perform and record the daily routine transactions, which are very important to run the business
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23. Psychological barriers in communication take place due the following resons:
(a) Premature evaluation, lack of attention
(b) Organizational facilities, status relationships
(c) Poor retention, lack or reliance
(d) Hierarchy, organization policies
Choose the correct option:

  • Option : B
  • Explanation : Barriers in communication
    Semantic Barriers: Misund understanding between the sender and receiver arising due to the different meanings of words, and other symbols used in communication.
    Badly expressed message
    Faulty translations
    Unclarified assumptions
    Specialist language
    Emotional/Psychological Barriers: Psychological state such as opinions, attitudes, status consciousness, emotions, etc. of a person that deeply affects the ability to communicate.
    Premature evaluation
    Inadequate attention
    Loss by transmission and poor retention
    Undue reliance on the written word
    Distrust of communicator
    Failure to communicate
    Organisational Barriers: Obstacles in the flow of information among the employees that might result in a commercial failure of an organization.
    Organizational policy
    Organisational rules and regulations
    Status relationships
    Complexity in organisational structure
    Fear of challenge to authority
    Insistence on proper channel
    Lack of confidence in subordinates
    Ignoring communication
    Lack of time
    Lack of awareness.
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24. There are 7 elements of personal selling that are followed in a certain sequence at the time of making sales to customers by the salesperson. The correct sequence is:

  • Option : C
  • Explanation : The specific activities involved in the selling process vary among salespeople and selling situations. No two salespeople use exactly the same selling methods. Nonetheless, many salespeople move through a general selling process as they sell products. This process consists of seven steps: prospecting, approach, approach, making the presentation, overcoming objections, closing the sale, and following up.
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