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  1. What is a Discrete math example?

It’s stated the discrete math is often used to solve a wide range of problems. But what exactly the discrete math does. These are some of the practical examples of discrete math.
  1. The software and stored files in a computer come with huge strings of 0s and 1s. These are Binary numbers, part of Discrete math.
  2. Scheduling Timing & Routes- Like, which nurse will attend duty in which shift, scheduling rooms for an event, or which airline pilots should be flying in which route.
  3. Discrete math allows people to do multiple web searches at the same time in different languages.
  4. Google Maps, utilize Discrete math in order to quickly find out the route.
  5. To cover a strong network, operators often need more area codes. But how will they know it? Simple, they use Discrete math.
  6. Decryption, as well as Encryption, are a bit of cryptography, which is a part of Discrete Math. Such as, Internet Security, uses cryptography technology, part of Discrete math.
  7. Many organizations, schedule tasks that can be completed by a single machine. The scheduling process is a part of Discrete math.

Is discrete math difficult? Obviously, the answer is No. However, everything depends on our mindset. If you have a positive & enthusiastic attitude towards Discrete math, you will fall in love with Discrete math. Bear in Mind, Discrete Math is much more about problem-solving and analysis. However, if you always memorize math problems, Discrete math is not for you. On the other hand, if you have your own thoughts of analyzing the problem and come up with your own solution, Discrete math will be like your favorite ice cream. So, take a step to learn it and in the end, you will see ‘ yes I made it’.
3.What is Discrete math used for? Discrete math’s ideas and concepts are useful in describing objects and studying in sections of computer sciences, like automated theorem proving, cryptography, computer algorithms, programming languages, and software development. Apart from this, the notations from Discrete math are also used in real-world applications. For example, in Google Maps, in Operations Research, in Web Searches, and so forth.
4. What is basic Discrete math? Discrete math is a new concept of mathematics study in Discrete mathematics structure. Two types of data are used in mathematics.
  • Discrete
  • Continuous.
Discrete mathematics is the study of Discrete data in spite of Continuous data. It covers, sequence, graph theory, set theory, permutation, combination, mathematical induction, and series. Discrete math is also known as Finite mathematics. Discrete Mathematics  is the important topic of Computer Science. Discrete structures are study of mathematical structures and it indicates non continuous. Therefore discrete sets include finite and countable sets but not uncountable sets such as the real numbers. It helps student to start thinking about problems in a way computers can solve.
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