This section contains UGC NET Computer Science Solved Papers for previous years with explanation. These solved papers are given in form of multiple choice questions answers . There are answer keys given along with questions .  Explanation and references have been provided with the questions
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  6. 1. How many committees of five people can be chosen from 20 men and 12 women such that each committee contains at least three women?

    A 75240

    B 52492



    2. Suppose that the number of instructions executed between page faults is directly proportional to the number of page frames allocated to a program. If the available memory is doubled, the mean interval between page faults is also doubled. Further, consider that a normal instruction takes one micro second, but if a page fault occurs, it takes 2001 micro seconds. If a program takes 60 sec to run, during which time it gets 15000 page faults, how long would it take to run if twice as much memory were available?

    A 60 sec

    B 30 sec

    C 45 sec

    D10 sec

    3.  Which of the following is not a congestion policy at network layer?

    A  Flow Control Policy
    B  Packet Discard Policy
    C  Packet Lifetime Management Policy
    D  Routing Algorithm

    4  Loop unrolling is a code optimization technique:

    A  that avoids tests at every iteration of the loop
    B  that improves performance by decreasing the number of instructions in a basic block.
    C that exchanges inner loops with outer loops
    D that reorders operations to allow multiple computations to happen in parallel.

    1. abc