Business Management - Business Management Section 1

66. Match the following:

List IList-II
(a).Scientific management approach1. Taylor
(b) Administrative theory 2. Henry Fayol
(c) Human relations 3.Marshal
(d) Neo-classical Behavioural Science approach4. Elton Mayo
 5. Mary Parker Follet

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67. Match the following:

List-I List-II
(Contribution to Organisation Behaviour)(Year)
(a) X and Y theory1. 1960
(b) Resource possibility2. 1978
(c) Z theory3. 1981
(d) Work and Motivation4. 1964

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68. Match the following

ContributorOrganization theory
(a) Chester I Bernard(i) Functional foremanship
(b) Max Weber authority(ii) Acceptance theory of
(c) F.w. Taylor (iii) Open system theory
(d) Katz & Kahn(iv)  Bureaucracy

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