GATE Solved Paper 2017-19 - GATE 2017 Shift 2

21. Consider the following tables T1 and T2

In table T1, P is the primary key and Q is the foreign key referencing R in table T2 with on delete cascade and on-update cascade. In table T2, R is the primary key and S is the foreign key referencing P in table T1 on-delete set NULL and on-update cascade. In order to delete record 3,8 from table T1, the number of additional records that need to be deleted from table T1 is _____.
Note – Numerical Type question

  • Option : A
  • Explanation :
    As Q refers to R so, deleting 8 from Q won't be an issue, however, S refers P. But as the relationship given is on delete set NULL, 3 will be deleted from T1 and the entry in T2 having 3 in column S will be set to NULL. So, no additional records deleted from table T1
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24. Given the following binary number in 32-bit (single precision) IEEE-754 format:
The decimal value closest to this floating-point number is-

  • Option : C
  • Explanation :
    Sign = 0
    = +ve
    AE= BE-Bias
    = 01111100-01111111
    AE= 11111101
    Here sign of AE is negative so take two's complement of AE = 00000011
    Mantissa: Normal Mantissa = 1.M = 1.1101101
    Data + 1.1101101 x 2-3
    Hence answer is 2.27 x 10-1
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