Sentence Completion - Sentence Completion Section 1


In each of the following sentences, a part of the sentence is left unfinished. Beneath each sentence, four different ways of completing the sentence are indicated. Choose the best alternative among the four.

1. The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it but what________

  • Option : D
  • Explanation : (a) A man's toil may help to make out wealth,
    but it is not the ultimate aim.
    (b) A man's toil may secure a lot of things for his children or friends . That too is not something great.
    (c) A man's toil may help him to overcome many difficulties, but that does not give him much pleasure.
    So, choice (d) is the best answer. What one becomes by one's toil is greater than what one gets
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4. ________ the more they remain the same.

  • Option : B
  • Explanation : 'They' in the part after the comma must refer to somebody or something. Hence, only choice
    (b) will fit as 'they' in that case refers to 'things'.
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5. The trail is the thing , not the end of the trail. Travel too fast and you miss

  • Option : C
  • Explanation : Here, the trail is the important thing and hence the excitement of the trail is what you will be looking for.
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